Promote Your Business Using Livestream Video

Marketing Strategy

Let's sit down and design a marketing campaign so we reach the right client where they are - on mobile. Who are they? Where are they looking? Where do they shop? What is the best touch point for them to engage with your offer? Answering these questions and more are my specialty.

Creative Content

Execution of attention grabbing interactive video. What social media platforms does your client use? How do we make sure they see you? Creative content production drives not only engagement, but also sales. From content to social media, to your very own livestream strategy, I have you covered.

Influencer Partnerships

Truth: We buy from people we know like and trust! Grab a group of influencers who have already built an engaged audience of your desired demographic and let them create honest content for you. This is the way of the future. I can create a livestream review of your business, product or service as a compliment to your existing campaign.

Business Reviews

The first impression and reaction is usually the real one. I offer honest Livestream business reviews for your business and my audience. If I feel your business can use improvements before the Livestream, I will work with your team to get you livestream ready.

Creative Content

Creative content can be  leveraged to tell your brand story and reach potential consumers where they are: on social media platforms, on the worldwide web, or in person. Creative content keeps you fresh, relevant and opens up new ways to communicate.


The production and execution of attention grabbing interactive video. What social media platform do your prospective clients use? How do we make sure they see you and that you stand out among all the noise out there? We can help you create and stay in your own lane so all roads lead to you.


Your vision has to match your visuals. We will outline a roadmap to a more approachable and humanized brand. Whether it's launching a new product, program, service, event or refreshing your image I will be with you every step of the way.

Event Digital Content

I will be present at your next event so a global audience can tune in. Your event can live on for longer than that $500 ice sculpture. You did a great job setting everything up, so let's make sure you get your money’s worth out of the exposure of this event for future ROI.

Influencer Alignment

I will help match your brand with the right influencer. This is so important in marketing. Too often a brand pays $$$,$$$ to hire a celebrity for endorsement when they could have hired 10 serious influencers to reach a much larger and responsive audience.