Ever since I was a little girl, people have told me I live in my own world. I would create content and write vivid stories to express myself. It also appeared through art and my fashion style. I used creative directing and  framing to ensure all was perfect for the storyline my imagination was playing out. If the platform or medium didn’t accurately convey my ideal I moved onward and upward to other platforms, mediums and industries. I won awards in writing, art, and science, and constantly adapted to new technology to better translate my vision. Literally hanging up my pen, paintbrush, camera and luxury industry jobs when it no longer served my purpose - even when I was at the top of my game. Innovation drove me!

Rocky Nash Bio

My multi-cultural background fueled even more imagination. It allowed me to see the world with a diverse set of lenses. I carefully planned my life so that I could travel the world, experience things things that others would only dream about, and thanks to technology, reserve a unique piece o the worldwide web to share my inspiring journey. This soon led to forging a professional path into the world of marketing, public relations, branding and content production. Exploring the Mandarin language at a young age proved especially advantageous, as it opened up my world to even larger possibilities and insight. Proud to be a millennial with a global mindset and strong work ethic. I welcome new challenges and can keep up with constant change!

My professional work experience and extensive business network have enabled me to work with great corporations around the world, facilitate successful B2B relationships, and maintain an international client list of industry leaders. I now enjoy showing others how to blaze their own path to do what they love for a living.

Everyday I get to use the power of technology to tell stories to audiences around the world - empowering them to live life to its fullest. By organically sharing with them brands, products and services I believe in, they also discover the solution to issues that have been roadblocks on their entrepreneurial journey. With livestream features now integrated into Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and many other applications, anyone can join me in real-time from their mobile phone. The whole world really is our marketplace!

After more than 15 years of producing commercial photography and art direction campaigns to update high-end personality and company images, I now work with a wide range of Fortune 500 giants to transform their outdated marketing strategies to embrace 21st technologies. We develop strategies that include live-streaming, VR and experiential marketing to directly reach customers where they are - on their mobile devices. With my new livestream marketing one-on-one consultations and online training courses, I can also help  small businesses and people who are just getting started on their journey.



I've partnered with brands such as MGM Resorts International, Google, YouTube, Caesars Palace, Hard Rock Hotel, Yahoo, Google, Conde Nast Traveler, CVS, FOX, Genentech, Meredith Corporation and more.

My works have been published in such press as Ocean Drive Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, and Vegas magazine, been featured on Fox News, in digital press Mashable, Forbes, Engadget, The Verge, Venture Beat, Tech Crunch, Social Media Today and I have spoken on tech panels and at universities as a Social Media Strategist and Digital Marketing Expert.


What My Clients & Fans Say

"Rocky is a dream to work with! Her electric personality caught my eye and I knew right away I wanted to work with her. She participated in multiple betas and research programs at YouTube, and each time she over-delivered and provided invaluable feedback to our team. I highly recommend her for app betas and influencer campaigns!"

RACHEL GOOGLE - YouTube Influencer Partnerships

I discovered Rocky's livestreams while browsing YouTube in search of a new hotel property to stay at for my Anniversary trip to Las Vegas. We always stay at the same hotel, so I'm happy we took her advice as a local and tried something new. We would have never discovered an off-strip-hotel. It's one of our favorites now! Love her travel recommendations!

JESS Happily Married For 15 Years

It is always a pleasure to work with Rocky. She has her finger on the pulse of what our clients are looking for. As a brand ambassador, she has a special way of connecting with our target audience that traditional advertising can't reach. We highly recommend her for your next marketing campaign.

ANDREA Public Relations Executive

Rocky's travel livestreams are the highlight of my day. Not only does she make me feel like I am traveling with her, but I was surprised that she actually accepted one of my tour requests - making it the topic of her next show. I recommend her channel to my friends who travel frequently. I work too much, so I will just travel through her videos.

BRIAN Rocky Nash Fan

I love Rocky Nash videos because she has a bubbly and positive personality. Her recommendations and virtual tours are always so interesting. I had no idea how many shopping and dining options there were in her city. Las Vegas is more than casinos and buffets! I can see through her experiences and reviews why those places are worth the money! I look forward to tuning into her next adventure!

ANGIE North Carolina Resident & Loyal Viewer

Rocky's website is like nothing I've seem before. I didn't know you can make a living creating video tours. Maybe I will make my own one day. My city is pretty interesting. Her free tips give me so many ideas!